Monday, December 5, 2011

Best Monday

Today started out not that great; forgeting to do any homework during the weekend, and not having enough sleep. When I got to school, I found out that there was an assembally(: That means every class is shortened. Then during p.e., we went to the spin room like wwe do every Monday. I loving going into the spin room because it is real exercise. I had to give a speech in health on Ebola. I was super nervous, but when I got up there i was actually having fun. Now I love giving speeches. Mr. Child was excited to hear my speech, and i got 50/50. This was the first time i had ever really done good on a speech. 6,6,5,5.
Then, gymnastics was the first part. We went to bars, and Bethany told me she wanted me to do high bar kips, I did one with her spot. I told Abby I was going to make it on the first day to make her mad. Then after a few attempts on my own I finally made it on my own! Then I told myself i wasnt going to leave until I made my squat on. I had all of my skills. I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN I MADE MY WHOLE ROUTINE WITHOUT A FALL!!!

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