Monday, December 26, 2011

Post christmas

Yesterday was the best Christmas I have ahd so far. When we woke up, we went downstairs to open our stokings. In my stocking I got:
New EOS Chapstick (egg)
Thin nail polish with cool stencils
Fuzzy socks
Cupcake corer
frosting spatula
candy (sweedsh fish & Twizzlers)
cupcake froster thing
Short socks
Then we went to open presents
From Kahleb I got pretty folders for paper
From Emily I got a blue yoga mat and piping bags
From Mom and Dad I got: An Adaidas Swearshirt, Pj's, Element Jacket, Hollister sweater, Loft sweater, blue t-shirt, HUGE cake decorating set, cuddle buddy Lamb, and cute Rain Boots.
From Nana and Grandad I got a Zebra Leotard and some chicks from the GFA catalog.
From The Byhres I got A Cake Pop Maker. (Amanda got the same one)
From Aunt Jane I got money.
From Abby I got a Paris Earring holder that has a place for other jewerly too.
today we are going to California to celebrate christmas with all of them. I wonder what I am going to get.

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